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Indie band Chicano Batman talk about their upcoming album Notebook Fantasy, their varied music influences from both Western and Latin America, look back at their 15-year journey as a band, how they first met and became a band, what playing the Kia Forum means to them as Los Angeles natives and more!

Chicano Batman:
I’m excited for people to hear the whole album. Finally, because we’re releasing singles. And every song is so diverse on this record.

My name is Bardo.

Sup, y’all, I’m Eduardo.

Hi, I’m Carlos, and we are Chicano Batman, and you are watching Billboard News.

Lyndsey Havens:
Hey, I’m Lyndsey Havens for Billboard News, and we’re here with L.A. legends Chicano Batman. How’s it going, guys?

I know it was your most collaborative album, from my understanding. So tell me a little bit about what that was like, you know, between all of you and then also the other people that you brought in for this?

Chicano Batman:
We wanted each of us to kind of have the reins on whatever song we presented to the group. Whether it’s “OK, I want string.” It’s kind of like the John Lennon vibe. I want strings on it. And they’re like, “OK, well, let’s let’s do it. Yeah.” And John Congleton was really … our producer was really helpful in that process. He’s also you know, he’s he’s a legend as well. I’m the biggest fan of St. Vincent. I’ll always work with St. Vincent, worked here at Sunset Sound, so it was … I don’t know. I was kind of sweating the day before. I was like, “Oh, The Doors recorded everything there.”

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