Bhad Bhabie Posts Cute Bhabie Birth Announcement

Bhad Bhabie is a mom. The 20-year-old “cash me outside” rapper posted a sweet birth announcement on Friday (March 15) that seemed to confirm that her first-born bhabie girl is here. The silent, 10 second clip consisted of a black and white image of what appeared to be a newborn sleeping under a blanket, with their face covered and a striped cap on their head.

At press time the “Gucci Flip Flops” MC not revealed any additional information about her newborn, including her name and the child’s birth date. Last month Bhabie (born Daneille Bregoli), told People that haters who were saying she was too young and inexperienced to bring a child into the world should mind their own business.

“I even see people saying, ‘Oh, I don’t think she’s ready. I don’t think she’s ready,’” Bhabie told the magazine. “It’s like, ‘How can you, from your computer screen, determine if I’m ready to be a mother or not?’ I don’t even be on [social media], so how can you determine that? You know? It’s just kind of off.”

Bregoli announced in December that she was pregnant with a girl that she planned to name Kali Rose; she also said the child’s father is the rapper’s boyfriend, Le Vaughn. At the time, Bregoli suspected that the seeming public nervousness about her becoming a mother at 20 could be chalked up to the 2016 viral reality TV moment that made her (in)famous when she yelled, “Catch me outside, how ’bout that?!’”

“Do you think if people went back and looked at them when they were 13 and 14 and judged them off that time that they would have that job and be held so high?” she said. “They’re kids, they’re teenagers. But mine happened to be broadcasted all over the Internet, all over public television.” Since then, Bhabie has had some success as a music act, landing at NO. 68 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017 with the single “Hi Bich”; she has not released any new music sinc 2022’s “Vibe Check.”

Bhabie has been chronicling her pregnancy on Instagram, including a series of Demi Moore-style pics with a very visible baby bump and another series in early February from what looked like her elaborate, all-pink-everything baby shower for Kali.

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