Bebe Rexha Shares 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Her Music | Billboard Women In Music 2024

Bebe Rexha shares five things you didn’t know about her music backstage at Billboard Women In Music 2024.

Bebe Rexha:
Hi, I’m Bebe Rexha, and this is five things you don’t know about my music.

My favorite music video I’ve ever shot was “Sacrifice,” and it was inspired by the movie Blade. And it’s me and my vampire girlfriends and we seek revenge on a very bad guy.

Every time I record a song, it’s always different. Sometimes I’ll start with chords, sometimes I’ll start with a concept, or title. Sometimes something happens to me that day, and I want to write about it. But the recording process for me changes every time. But a lot of my a lot of the songs that have been the most successful, you know, on the charts have been stuff that have started just with me on the piano.

I love performing an Amsterdam but also I loved when, I loved it when I was in Japan as well. That was really fun. I don’t love just one place. I personally just love meeting fans from everywhere around the world. I always want to see what the city looks like. And not just go to the touristy parts. I like finding like the grungy places. That’s fun for me.

We have my first album ever, it was called Expectations, and it was based off of a quote that an old manager told me, because I was at the point I was very … I was going through the music industry as a songwriter kept getting, you know, in really not great situations. And he told me he’s like, “Honestly, the best thing in life is having no expectations.” So whether you’re going on a date, or walking into … I said walking — I’m from New York — walking into a studio session or meeting somebody. Don’t think, “Oh, I hope this date goes well” or build a fantasy in your head — just walk in very neutral. And I feel like that’s the reason why I call my album Expectations. That was my first album.

My favorite accomplishment ever is I was studying to be an act classically — a classically trained opera singer. And I got into … I got into this program. It was like a New York City program in New York State program. It is very hard to get into it. That was a really exciting moment for me. But the crazy thing is, what happened is when you get picked, you will [go to] upstate New York, and you sing with a whole choir, it’s like a choir situation. And I end up getting the flu that day. But you know, that’s life, but here I am at the Billboard Women In Music.

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