Beautiful weather for St. Patrick’s Parade brings out big crowd

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – From Irish dancers to blaring fire truck sirens, the Irish flag was waving with pride at the St. Patrick’s parade in Syracuse on Saturday, March 16. It was a day filled with green, bagpipes and friendships. And for some friends, they’re kicking off the celebration for something else too.

“Yes, same spot 37 years. That’s why everybody comes here because we can’t change it because everybody knows where we are,” Donna Scott said.

37 years these best friends, Donna Scott and Mary Besig, have set up shop right here to watch the St. Patrick’s Parade! And they’ve braved all sorts of elements.

“Last year was 25 degrees, so this was much better!” Donna said.

“We usually bring a heater too, but we didn’t bring it this year!” Mary Besig added.

The great weather brought out some newcomers looking to get something extra out of the parade.

“I think apart form that and the candy and all that, me and her are going to get art inspiration because we’re both artists,” Kenleigh Vanwinkle said.

Kenleigh and her friend Addyson are looking forward to drawing the scenes of the parade from the dresses to the vehicles and the city streets.

Among the many highlights of the parade, the green beaded necklaces were at the top.

“I loved getting pelted with beads! It was very exciting!” Katie Spinks exclaimed.

“Free candy, the girls dancing was amazing, there’s bubbles,” her friend Charlie Wright added.

The month-long celebration of St Patrick’s Day continues.

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