Athena Jett Moves Forward on ‘American Idol’ Thanks to Her Secret Weapon Little Sister

Sometimes all you need is that little extra push from someone who knows how special you are. On Monday night’s (March 17) audition episode of American Idol, 20-year-old Las Vegas native Athena Jett came in with confidence and a voice that should have at least gotten her a look from judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.


But, just in case, she also had her adorable 12-year-old sister (and bestie) Angelina in tow to help boost her chances with good energy and a special homemade gift for Perry’s four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Daisy Dove. Angelina proudly handed over a crocheted pink and white purse covered in a daisy pattern, naturally, with Perry loving the sweet gesture and hugging Angelina, saying Daisy definitely “loves a purse.”

In the lead-up package, Athena talked about how close the sisters are and how Angelina is her “biggest fan… she’s such a bright ball of energy and she believes in me so much.”

Perry then invited Angelina to stand by the piano as Athena sang a somewhat shaky version of Sophia James’ jazzy 2021 ballad, “Somebody New.” Angelina was brought to tears, as was Bryan, with Perry praising the singer’s “great voice,” but saying that Athena’s nerves appeared to get the best of her. “People are out there fighting tooth and nail and so I am worried about putting you in the ring,” Perry said.

Then, unexpectedly, Angelina sheepishly raised her hand — as she and Athena shared whispered “I Love You”‘s to each other across the room — and asked if she could suggest a different song for her sibling to sing. “I don’t want to be barging in or anything, but I remember for piano recital my sister sang ‘Never Enough’ from The Greatest Showman. I really think that that was a really good song that she sang,” Angelina said.

Perry repeatedly encouraged Athena to raise her voice and sing it out loud as the singer hit a series of high notes during her second go and Perry jumped to her feet, sweeping Angelina up in a giant spinning hug. “Good job, you’re gonna come to Hollywood too,” Perry said as she shook Angelina’s hand.

“I couldn’t do this without her,” Athena said to the weeping panel, as Perry said that she went from a “hard no” to a “what the hell was that? That was phenomenal. You have to use that. That is your sword!” Bryan praised a crying Angelina for being so brave and stepping up to advocate for her sister, after which the weepy Angelina handed over the golden ticket to her overwhelmed big sis.

Watch Athena Jett’s audition below.

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