A unique look back at the winter that wasn’t

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — While there is some wintry weather in Syracuse’s future for the last half of March, there are some interesting numbers that are already in about our winter weather.


The number of days we dropped below zero degrees this winter.

This will be the first time since the winter of 2001-02 that we have not dropped below zero and only the 9th time since records started in Syracuse in 1902.

We average 6 below zero days in a winter


The winter months of December through February ended up as the warmest on record. We were #1.

It was the 2nd warmest December, 19th warmest January and the warmest February in recorded history for Syracuse.


The surplus in precipitation from December through February was nearly an inch and a half. 

Despite the lack of snow, there has been no lack of rainfall and that trend has continued into March. Syracuse heads into the spring with NO drought concerns.


Number of record high temperatures this winter.

February 9, 10, 27 as well as March 4 and 13.

To date, there have been no record lows.


The coldest it ever got this winter. We were +7 F on two occasions, January 20 and February 20.

That tied us for the warmest average low temperature in any winter in Syracuse. We tied the winter of 1931-32 with that distinction.


Barring any surprises the last 12 days of the month of March, no month this winter will reach 20” of snowfall. 

The last time that happened was back in World War 2 (1943-44)

The greatest snowfall was 17.7” that fell in February closely followed by 17.6” of snow in January.

The average snowfall in December, January and February are all at least 30”

As a side note, Syracuse has not had a month with 30” of snow since since January 2019 (33.0”)


The number of days December through February where the temperature did not fall below freezing this winter

The average number of days is 14 days.

We are still awaiting the overall seasonal snow total and as of March 19 we still could end up below the record of 50.6″ set in 2011-’12. This is the record since 1949 when records began at the airport.

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