A peek at CNY weather for the upcoming solar eclipse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Friday March 8, is one month away from the total solar eclipse that crosses parts of Central New York and everyone is hoping for sunny skies on April 8.

While there is no way we (or anyone, for that matter) can say for certain this far out whether the skies end up clear or cloudy in Syracuse between 3 and 4 p.m. that afternoon, we are getting close enough to see broad strokes of the general pattern heading into early April.

Pattern getting ready to flip

We have been spoiled with mild weather essentially since the beginning of December.  It has been the warmest winter on record for us but the pattern looks like it is going to change.  There have been hints of changes for the end of March and that is showing up now on some of our very long-range computer models.

This is a snapshot from what is called the Climate Forecast System computer model run by NOAA and it is an average of what is going on at the jet stream level of the atmosphere between April 1 and April 10.

What are the takeaways?

Blocking is not good for nice, early spring weather

For early April we have a blocking area of high pressure forecast up over Greenland and a trough of low pressure along the East Coast.

This should lead to below-normal temperatures and an active storm track over the Northeast with systems bringing CNY rain and quite possibly some snow at times into early April.

In addition, the temperature of Lake Ontario is still well above normal for this time of year, so we can’t even rule out lake effect clouds and precipitation at times.

Does this mean my eclipse viewing plans our sunk?

While this is not a favorable jet stream pattern if you are trying to string together multiple sunny, dry days, it doesn’t mean we can’t have sunny weather, specifically on April 8.

Even in a cooler-than-normal and active weather pattern, we could still get a nice day between storm systems AND without the winds coming off Lake Ontario.

It may be asking for a lot, but we could thread the needle.

We’ll keep you posted on our eclipse viewing odds as the date of the eclipse approaches.

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