10 Popular Board Games for Adults, From Party Starters to Strategy-Focused Sets

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Board games for adults are one of the easiest ways to entertain your friends once the conversation slows down. Rather than end the night early, you can whip out say, music trivia to test everyone’s knowledge, or get the group talking with prompt and question card games.

Instead of settling for watching TV or sitting in silence as everyone scrolls on their smartphones, the best board games for adults offer a way to unplug and connect. Party games also create a fun atmosphere to get to break the ice with new people you’ve been introduced to rather than engaging in small talk.

TikTok recently pointed out new games like Lyrically Correct, while celebrities, TV shows and movies have collaborated with classic board games to put their own spin on it — just check out the Britney Spears Monopoly for proof.

Plus, if you’re hunting for a gender-neutral gift for the host in your life, there are a multitude of board games ranging from large group-friendly to funny that’ll have them clamoring to plan their next get-together.

A quick note: most of the board games for adults out there are filled with mature themes, which may not be suitable for everyone to play. Make sure you check the age range before you start gameplay.

What Are the Best Board Games for Adults?

Having a well-stocked board game collection is essential for any party or night in. To help inspire your next game night lineup, Billboard Shopping has rounded up some of the most-popular adult board games online that you can shop below.

blue and black board game for adults with "Telestrations After Dark" written across box


Telestrations After Dark Adult Board Game

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This adult board game is this Billboard writer’s go-to for game nights with friends, as it combines telephone with Pictionary, resulting in a night filled with laughter. Recommended for ages 17+, up to eight players can participate, with everyone receiving a sketchbook and card. One person rolls the included dice and whatever number it lands on will determine what prompt you have to draw. From there you’ll draw a picture and then you’ll guess what you see. It keeps going until you get your original sketchbook back.

Our favorite part is the very end when you have to go around and reveal what your prompt was, then show everyone’s drawing and guesses. It’s always wild to reveal, and since this one has more adult-themes, you just never know what you’re going to see.

purple and black fork, milk, kidnap board game for adults box next to cards


Fork Milk Kidnap

Fork, Milk, Kidnap is a reinvented version of F-ck, Marry, Kill, but keeps the mature themes, which is why it’s recommended for ages 17+. Each round can have up to 10 players where you’ll have three action cards flipped as well as three object cards. Players will then secretly categorize each of the action and object cards under Fork, Milk and Kidnap. Once everyone is ready, you’ll reveal your choices — just prepare to be surprised.

yellow board game for adults with photo of taco, cat, goat, pizza and chees


Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

If you don’t have all day to play a game, then Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza will bring joy without a huge time commitment. It’s recommended for ages 7+ and can have up to eight players at a time. It takes less than 10 minutes for one full game, in our experience. All you have to do is slap a card down when you see a match with a card and spoken word; the first one to use all their cards wins.

More than 20,000 Amazon shoppers have purchased the game in the past month and it’s also earned an “Amazon Choice” label for best overall adult board game.

terraforming mars board game for adults with photo of astronauts on mars


Terraforming Mars Board Game

$63.85 $79.99 20% off

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If you’ve dreamed of living in space, then Terraforming Mars will be the next best thing to achieving that. The purpose of the game is to use your strategizing skills to complete projects and successfully terraform Mars, so that humans can live there. Whoever finishes their objections first and controls their corporation the best, wins. Up to five players can play at one time and it’s recommended for ages 12+.

Amazon shoppers have given the board game a 4.8 star rating saying “the rules are straightforward and easy to grasp [even] in your first session.”

black board game for adults box that reads "cards against humanity"


Cards Against Humanity

Another Billboard Shopping favorite is Cards Against Humanity, which is for groups that love a good laugh. We’ve been playing this game for almost 10 years and love how fast-paced each round goes and its ability to learn more about your friends and family members’ humor.

Ages 17+ are recommended for this game and since it comes with a lot of cards, you can play with as little as two people or 20+. Everyone has a set of 10 white cards each round and a player (known as the Card Czar) will draw from the deck of black cards and read the prompt written on it. Then, everyone except the person who drew the card will go through their hands and place a card facedown to the Card Czar who will shuffle and read each answer to the question. The card the Card Czar determines to be the funniest will win that round.

red board game for adults box with Catan written across


Catan Adventure Board Game for Adults

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We’ve also played Catan at parties for years now and love how it combines strategy with luck as you compete against other players to dominate the board by collecting resources and creating your own settlement. Ages 10+ can play and you can have up to four players at once involved.

More than 6,000 Amazon shoppers have purchased the game in the past month and it has more than 37,000 verified reviews in total, with reviewers giving the board game a five-star review for its re-playability. “The board is changed every time you play so the games are different every time,” one reviewer noted.

red card game for adults


We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

We recommend We’re Not Really Strangers if you’re looking to connect with your friends or even a loved one on a deeper level. For three years now, we’ve been using it to learn more about those close with use and appreciate the thoughtful prompts that encourage you to make deeper connections with those around you.

You can play with ages 15+ with a max of six players at one time. More than 4,000 decks have been bought on Amazon, according to the retailer and it’s gained so much praise from reviewers that this board game for adults has earned a 4.7 star rating (out of five).

purple and orange board game for adults with codenames written across


Codenames Czech Games Edition

In our opinion, game night isn’t complete without a round of Codenames. We’ve been breaking out this game for a few years now and love how involved it forces everyone to be while also challenging you to connect mind-to-mind with your teammates.

Ages 8+ can play and you’ll need at least four players to start. Divide into equal teams with one person on each team designated as the Spymaster. You’ll set up a grid with words and it’ll be up to the Spymaster to describe their team’s words using a single descriptor and how many words the descriptor relates to. The first team to uncover all of their words wins.

betrayal board game for adults box with graphic of haunted house


Betrayal at The House on The Hill, 3rd Edition

$27.30 $55.99 51% off

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$27.30 $55.99 51% off

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Betrayal at The House on The Hill will have you working with everyone rather than competing against each other. It’s recommended for ages 12+ and needs at least three players to play and can accommodate a max of six players. Together, you’ll work to survive staying in a haunted house, but be cautious as one player will be working against you. Since it has 50 different scenarios, you don’t have to worry about playing the same game every time.

The board game has racked up a 4.7 star rating with Amazon shoppers praising how fun it is. One reviewer even commented that “the layout, how many players, which items you have and which character you play will all affect how the game plays out. Truly an infinite number of stories with that combination.”

yellow product box with photo of wine glass next to poison bottle board game for adults


A Wine Tasting Murder

$26.74 $40.19 33% off

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A Wine Tasting Murder is a versatile game that can be played virtually or in-person, making gameplay easy no matter where you are. You’ll need at least four players and can play with a max of 20 people. Each person will be given a character and will have to use the clues provided to determine who the murderer is. Ages 14+ can play and there is even a downloadable version available.

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