Your Stories Q&A: How do I request streetlights in my neighborhood?

TOWN OF MANLIUS, N.Y. (WYSR-TV) – You ask, we answer!

Question: How does the Town of Manlius determine which neighborhoods get streetlights?

This question came to us after police were called to investigate car break-ins on Schepps Lane and Gurtha Road.

Town of Manlius police shared Ring doorbell video of the late January incident that showed a person pulling car door handles looking for unlocked vehicles.

That area does not have streetlights, which prompted the question.

Town of Manlius Manger, Ann Oot, said neighborhoods that do have streetlights go through a process to get them.

Oot said neighbors would have to request the town establish a new residential lighting district. Oot said the town currently has five lighting districts.

If people on a dark street wanted lights, they would need to submit a signed petition with the town.

Oot said once the Town received the petition, it would consult with National Grid to see how many lights the street or streets in the neighborhood were needed, who would benefit, and how much it would cost the homeowners.

Oot said those in a lighting district, pay for the streetlights. The charge is reflected on their tax bill.

Oot encouraged anyone with questions about requesting new streetlights or to make improvements to an existing lighting district, to reach out to the Town to start the conversation.

While the rules and regulations might be different in your municipality, A National Grid spokesperson said questions about streetlights should always start with the town or village you currently reside.

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