Your Stories Q&A: Fayetteville to roll out new trash carts

VILLAGE OF FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — You ask, we answer!

Another local municipality is kicking its old trash system to the curb.

This spring, the Village of Fayetteville will roll out a new trash truck with a mechanical arm. The arm will grab, lift, and empty trash and recycling carts.

Fayetteville’s Deputy Mayor, Michael Small, said the village will still run its own trash and recycling program. It will not contract with a local hauler.

Small said the village has been researching and meeting with residents to get feedback for about a year.

He added that making the move to an automated truck will save the village money, because it only requires a driver instead of a 3-person crew that the current truck uses. Small said no DPW workers will lose their job, they’ll just be assigned to other DPW duties.

Small also said the new truck will be safer for DPW workers, a point Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh made when the city moved to a new trash system last year.

The new trash truck won’t be ready until May. Small anticipates the new collection system will start soon after.

A new truck, outfitted with a mechanical arm, means new trash and recycling totes, also called carts. Currently, residents use their own trash can and the old school recycling bins.

Small said neighbors can choose a 96 or 64 gallon option. Adding that homeowners are being asked to pick the same size for both trash and recycling. The totes will be delivered to homeowners in the spring. The village will alert residents when the totes will be delivered. He said the village will also collect old trash cans and recycling bins.

A resident can buy an additional tote for $85 each. They’ll also pay a $150 annual fee for each additional cart.

A new trash system means a new collection schedule. Small says currently the DPW collects trash and recycling on the same day.

He adds once they make the switch, trash will be collected on a different day than recycling. This is because the new truck will be used to collect both trash and recycling. More details will be unveiled at a later date.

Lastly, Small said the new system will bring a change to bulk pickup. He said bulk pickup will still be offered for free but it now needs to be scheduled with the village. Residents can schedule a bulk pickup once a month, but Small says tires and mattresses are not included in the free bulk pickup. Those items will be collected for a fee.

If you’re interested in learning more about the new program, the village is offering an information meeting, Thursday, Feb. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the village hall.

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