Valentine’s Day: How much is a dozen roses in your state?

(NEXSTAR) — Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday and millions of Americans will be sending or receiving flowers to loved ones to celebrate.

While the exact dollar amount Americans spend on roses each Valentine’s Day is difficult to find exactly (The Conversation explains why here), one estimate puts total expected flower purchases for this holiday at $2.6 billion. But just how much are people shelling out for individual bouquets?

FinanceBuzz, a financial information resource, recently analyzed the data to find average prices by state.

The state with the highest cost of a dozen roses is Hawaii, where a bouquet costs more than $128, on average, which is $20 more expensive than every other state.

Most expensive rose dozens

State Cost per dozen
Hawaii $128.65
Wyoming $108.63
Maryland $106.65
Montana $105
Washington $101.66
South Dakota $100.30
Delaware $99.97
Michigan $98.33
Idaho $96.97
North Dakota $95.63

While Hawaii’s remoteness likely accounts for much of its high flower price, the next-highest cost per rose dozen is in Wyoming. There, a dozen roses costs $37 more than the state with the least expensive dozens (see below).

Least expensive rose dozens

State Cost per dozen
Alaska $71.63
Massachusetts $72.97
California $73.33
Oregon $74.98
Rhode Island $74.99
Virginia $76.86
Colorado $78.33
Illinois $78.33
Wisconsin $78.99
Louisiana $79.65

While the noncontiguous Hawaii ranks as the most expensive state to buy roses in, the U.S.’ other noncontiguous state, Alaska, comes in as the state with the cheapest average price for a dozen roses.

FinanceBuzz says it found the above prices based on “the price for a standard order of one dozen long-stem roses from at least three individual florists or flower shops in each state.” From there, costs were averaged.

Nationally, the average cost for a dozen roses is $88.61. How did your state fare?

To see the full list of average prices for a dozen roses in every state, visit FinanceBuzz.

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