Tish Cyrus Says She Might’ve Been a ‘Better Parent’ If She Smoked Weed When Her Kids Were Young

Tish Cyrus is reflecting on parenthood in a new episode of the Sorry We’re Stoned podcast on Thursday (Feb. 29), which she co-hosts with her daughter Brandi Cyrus.

The 56-year-old is mom to Brandi, Trace Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Braison Cyrus and Noah Cyrus — all of whom she shares with ex-husband Billy Ray Cyrus — and opened up about how the use of marijuana might have helped her in motherhood. “I actually feel like I would’ve been… I didn’t smoke pot when I had kids. I didn’t start smoking until I was like, 46,” she shared. “And so I think I would’ve been a better parent if I would’ve smoked then. I think I would’ve been… like, I don’t know, school projects, I would’ve felt more fun.”

Brandi agreed that Tish would have been “much more tolerant,” to which she replied, “I really do wish I had smoked then.”

Tish also recalled Miley’s years of using marijuana, which she has since quit. “She loved weed. And at that time, I didn’t smoke weed,” she said. “And I was not happy with her.”

The matriarch went on to explain how she uses weed throughout her day. “I don’t get up and smoke a whole joint,” she said. “but I like to get up and take a couple puffs. And then throughout the day, that’s what I’ll do.”

She added that weed “has just been the best thing ever” for her. “My decision making is so much better now that I smoke weed,” she explained.

Watch the full episode of Sorry We’re Stoned, featuring guest Wiz Khalifa, below.

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