Three local breweries announce trio of beers for Total Solar Eclipse

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Three local breweries are joining forces to celebrate the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse.

Rohrbach Brewing, Three Heads Brewing, and Strangebird Brewing created three specialty beers to commemorate the event. The beers are called The Lighter Side, The Darker Side, and Totality — each representing the phases of an eclipse!

The beers are described as follows — Rohrbach’s Totality beer is a Black Lager with aromatic notes of caramel, sweet bread, and milk chocolate, Strangebird’s Lighter Side is a Helles Lager, and Three Heads’ Darker Side is an American-style Steam Beer.

In addition, Strangebird Brewing announced it will be opening its parking lot for a viewing party on April 8, 2024, from 1 to 4 p.m. The event will feature Eclipse shades, activities, and BBQ.

Check out the full statements from each of the breweries below:

Full Statement from Rohrbach Brewing Company:

At Rohrbachs, we’re excited for our beer to represent the Totality, when the moon will completely block out the sun. To embody the three minutes and 38 seconds of darkness that will overtake Rochester, we chose to brew a Black Lager. The name and style for Totality Black Lager was developed by all the employees at Rohrbach Brewing Company! Back in September 2022, we began the process of brainstorming ideas, recipes, and names. This culminated in August 2023 with the name chosen, the artwork designed, and a small pilot batch brewed. Totality Black Lager has aromatic notes of caramel, sweet bread, and milk chocolate, while cold lager fermentation creates a crisp and clean finish making the beer surprisingly sessionable.”

Full Statement from Strangebird Brewing Company:

As the path of totality approaches, Strangebird is proud to be a part of this team with our friends at Rohrbach Brewing Company and Three Heads Brewing Company to commemorate the distinct phases of the total eclipse experience on April 8th, 2024. The Lighter Side Helles Lager will bring back our practiced art of oak barrel lagering for a soft, balanced, and golden celebration of the brighter edges of this momentous occasion. In addition, Strangebird will be opening its parking lot for a viewing party from 1-4pm on April 8, 2024. The parking lot is southwestern facing so it will be an ideal place to experience this lunar phenomenon. Eclipse shades, family friendly activities, BBQ, and special commemorative glassware will be available on this historic day. Come revel in the wonder of the universe at Strangebird!”

Full Statement from Three Heads Brewing Company:

Not only are we thrilled that the Eclipse’s Path of Totality is heading through our fair city, but we are also pumped to join forces with two other terrific craft breweries to offer some unique beers.  To celebrate and represent The Darker Side of the Eclipse, we are reviving a classic American Style – Steam Beer!  Enjoy this crushable Amber Lager with its notes of caramel and baked bread while you don your cheap sunglasses.”

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