Syracuse charter school looking to fill vacant spots for upcoming academic year

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A Central New York charter school is getting a head start on its enrollment for the upcoming academic year.

Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse was seeing a steady enrollment growth up until just a few years ago.

“Enrollment has definitely come in waves. It’s varied from year to year,” said Meghan Ward, dean of school at Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse.

The pandemic plays a major role.

“It just sort of depends on how many families are out there with kids that are at the age to come into kindergarten or other grade levels. It has fluctuated. COVID definitely has played an impact when it comes to enrollment and student numbers,” said Ward.

There are currently 460 students enrolled at Citizenship Academy. But right now, the charter school has 75 vacant spots for kindergarten, with some other grade levels also having vacancies. Ward says for some parents, they aren’t even aware of the school.

“I think getting the word out and letting families know that they have a choice,” said Ward.

Choosing between your home district or a charter school. For Liverpool mom Jennifer Leon, she decided to send both her kids to Citizenship & Science Academy, rather than their home district.

“I want my kids to be included in a diverse population. I wanted that setting. Both me and my husband grew up here in Syracuse. We both attended public school. So I don’t have anything against public school,” said Leon.

Leon says the school’s diverse population has expanded her children’s friendships, with Citizenship Academy serving students in nine districts, including Syracuse.

The school is tuition-free and is considered a public school despite students wearing uniforms. It’s also college preparatory. Citizenship Academy offers transportation to students outside the Syracuse City School District.

Enrollment for all grade levels will remain open until midnight on April 1. If you are interested in sending your child to Citizenship Academy, they must apply.

Click here to learn more about Citizenship & Science Academy of Syracuse.

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