Sun lights carboard display in Syracuse store on fire

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse firefighters were called to a fire at a liquor store on Sunday, Feb. 4, after sunlight magnified through glass containers lit a cardboard display at the store on fire.

Firefighters arrived at 1021 West Genesee Street and found smoke coming from a commercial structure with three separate businesses.

Crews forced open the door of the liquor store where the smoke was coming from since it was not open yet. They found the fire and quickly put it out, SFD said.

Firefighters also searched the two other businesses in the building. No one was found during the searches as none of the businesses had opened yet.

Crews then spent more than an hour clearing smoke from the building to make it safe for the businesses and customers. The Onondaga County Health Department then came to the scene to ensure that it was safe for the businesses to open.

Firefighters also discovered that a flame broke one of the liquor store’s windows, which set off a burglary alarm, alerting police.

No civilians or fire personnel were injured.

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