Selena Gomez Says She Was a Kurt Cobain Superfan: ‘I Know a Little Too Much’

After Selena Gomez played a trivia game about herself against a fan (and lost) in a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the “Love On” singer revealed that she’s got a history of being a superfan as well.

A fan named Ashley appeared on the show, and she appeared to know Gomez better than the star knew herself. For her “Who Knows Selena Gomez?” win, Ashley got to take home the grand prize of Gomez’s actual junk drawer — autographed, of course.

When Kimmel later asked Gomez if there was any celebrity she was “obsessed with,” the answer was yes.

“Who was your Selena Gomez?” Kimmel inquired during the Feb. 23 episode of his show.

“Kurt Cobain,” answered Gomez, which seemed to surprise the host. Gomez, born in 1992, was just a few months shy of two years old when the Nirvana frontman passed; Cobain died by suicide on April 5, 1994, in his Seattle, Washington, home.

“My mom obviously would play all kinds of music for me growing up,” the 31-year-old singer explained. “I kind of got obsessed and dyed my hair and cut my hair like him.”

Gomez added, “I know a little too much,” revealing that she had posters of Cobain and that she “would rewatch his interviews, I would watch his performances, I had seen his documentary like 12 times.”

Watch the interview clip and the Selena Gomez trivia segment below. Gomez also talked about her new song “Love On,” how boyfriend Benny Blanco embarrassed her in front of Jason Segel at the Emmys and more.

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