Rochester company to purchase and save Maria Regina Campus

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSUR-TV) — A big step forward to saving the Maria Regina campus Tuesday night, Feb. 6.

Rochester property management company “Home Leasing,” bought the old college with a plan to turn it into senior living apartments.

“It seems like almost everybody we talk to has some kind of connection with the property,” said Jennifer Higgins, the development manager for Home Leasing. “Their aunt was in the convent, or their kids went to the gingerbread daycare. I think they are generally excited about the idea that we have a plan to arrest that decay.”

Over the last 10 years, the abandoned property has experienced weather damage and vandalism.

It’s a problem Home Leasing is looking to fix.

“We’re really trying to both develop a property and mitigate some damages right now to make sure that the buildings are developable when we get to that point,” said Lindsey Allen, development coordinator for Home Leasing.

Despite what the property has been through, neighbors never gave up.

“I’ve not heard such terrible things like tear it down. No, it’s never been said. But there is so much architecture that is still in there, “said Marty Nave, First District Syracuse Common Councilor. “The motherhouse is in there. But the people who live here want to see it renewed.”

Home Leasing expects to start construction in March 2025.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel is kind of long. It’s a big, involved property,” Higgins said. “It’s going to be a complex construction job, so construction is going to take a while, but we just need to get through the next 13 to 14 months until construction starts.”

A solution the community can agree is worth the wait.

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