Post Malone Is Your New Best Friend in Bud Light Genie Super Bowl Ad

If only it was that easy to summon Post Malone to one of your bar bashes. In a just-revealed Super Bowl LVIII ad, Bud Light has roped Posty, as well as former NFL QB Peyton Manning and UFC CEO Dana White into a funny spot slated to run in the third quarter of Sunday’s (Feb. 11) game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.


In the 60-second video, a Broncos fan in a Manning jersey reaches for a cold bottle of Bud Light in his fridge and accidentally summons the “Bud Light Genie,” a cheeseball in a track suit who is more than happy to offer up some of his signature wishes. The trio waste their initial wishes on 80s metal hair, a desire to be “filthy rich,” another to be invisible and to have giant biceps (which turns into just one hulking arm, strangely).

Additional wishes come in the form of a sweet ride, aka a stretch Delorean limo, as well as Bud Lights for everyone in the bar and the Manning’s fan wish that the “The Sheriff” would be his best friend. Cue Manning popping up at their table in the ad cued to Steppenwolf’s 1968 classic “Magic Carpet Ride.”

Halfway through, a wish for Malone to join the party results in the bearded singer and avowed Bud Light superfan materializing with beer in hand to cheers from the late night crowd. One of the pals even shows off her custom diamond grill in a selfie in which Posty flashes his glittering fronts. The spot ends with the the one-armed bandit wishing he could be at a UFC fight, where White informs him that he will definitely need another bicep to enter the octagon.

After Manning calls for a house party, Malone raises a bottle of BL to a raucous crowd while standing on a balcony cradling an electric guitar and shouting “let’s go!!” as his wish comes true: a T-Rex crashing the party.

The silly ad is the follow-up to last year’s big game spot featuring actor Miles Teller and wife Keleigh dancing. The once world-beating Anheuser-Busch brand took a major hit in 2023 after sending a promotional can to trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which sparked a backlash from conservative media outlets and artists including Kid Rock, Travis Tritt and John Rich.

Check out the Bud Light Genie ad below.

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