Person in Maryland stole $75,000 from Manlius man

MANLIUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Police are putting the public on scam watch after they say someone stole $75,000 from a man in Manlius.

This latest case of identity theft has been puzzling for the victim. Detectives say someone went to a bank in Maryland, pretending to be the man from Manlius.

The scammer then took $75,000 from his bank account. They also bought a cell phone in the victim’s name.

Manlius police are now working with state police in Maryland, but there are similar cases crossing other state borders.

“Distance is not an issue anymore. They don’t have to live in the same neighborhood or same state. So out of the crimes that are occurring, it’s nationwide. So I have several cases that are varying in identity theft that are occurring in multiple different states with multiple different victims,” said Manlius Police Department Sergeant Ken Hatter.

This latest victim says they have no idea how the scammer got his personal information. Police say there are many ways it could have happened, including from a credit card skimmer or making a purchase online.

If it happens to you, report it to the police.

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