Overpopulation of animals overwhelming shelters in CNY

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Animal shelters are seeing record breaking numbers so far this year. One reason why is that the inaccessible spay and neutering procedures have led to overpopulation, which is overwhelming shelters.

At the CNY SPCA, all cats, dogs and rabbits are neutered or spayed before being adopted. For those animals that are bought or bred, finding an affordable spay or neuter option can be difficult.

“The problem out there right now is that there is a lack of services, or it’s just too expensive to get animals spayed or neutered, so people don’t do it and they start producing little babies puppies and kittens. And they end up here because nobody else knows what to do with them, and it’s a huge overpopulation problem,” Director of the CNY SPCA Troy Waffner said.

Whether it’s seizure of cruelty cases, strays, or surrendered animals, the CNY SPCA has taken in over 100 animals in the past month.

“We’ve had dogs puppies show up to us on the day they were born because the people didn’t want them and couldn’t take care of them. And if we can just nip that in the bud, that will start slowing down the influx of animals, which are just coming in at record numbers,” Waffner explained.

During COVID, there was a shortage of the drugs used in the procedure. Now, the drug is back, but a new problem has made itself known.

“Now, it’s really the finding the veterinarians to do it, the vet techs to do it. Staffing has become an issue for vet clinics for us, so it’s just a pile on problem after a while. Like I said, we’re hoping to address and a plan to get these low-cost clinics back out there.”

A low-cost clinic available, hopefully, by the end of the year.

“People who have animals and they call here, and they have to give them up because they don’t have the money to get them spayed and neutered, and they don’t have the money to get them vaccinated. And that’s not something we want. An animal should stay with its family if at all possible,” Waffner said.

The CNY SPCA hopes to have a spay and neuter, vaccination and microchipping clinic open to the public within the year.

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