NYX Makeup Commercial Starring Cardi B Shortened for Super Bowl Broadcast

Cardi B has a 2024 Super Bowl commercial airing on CBS, but you’ll have to look on YouTube or social media for the payoff of the NYX Professional Makeup “Lips Only” ad’s second half.

A 30-second spot was approved for broadcast during the Super Bowl, the brand says, but the full one-minute commercial was not. Billboard reached out to representatives at CBS for comment.

The 30-second Cardi B x NYX commercial has the rapper advertising the brand’s “Duck Face” lip product, which she says will deliver “bigger” and “plumper” results.

An uncut version of the NYX commercial starring Cardi was released on the internet ahead of the big game, accumulating more than two million views on YouTube at press time.

The 60-second version, which is not being shown on TV during the Super Bowl, shows the immediate male reaction to the product after they’ve apparently confused the word “duck” with another four-letter word that begins with a “d” and ends with a “ck” — and have regrettably made some bad decisions about how to use the plumping product. Chaos ensues.

“They put it where?” Cardi asks as the hashtag #ForLipsOnly comes up on the screen.

The abbreviated version of the “Lips Only” commercial being broadcast during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers game will show “a QR code directing viewers to watch the unedited, 60-second version that is currently being shared across NYX Professional Makeup’s YouTube and social channels,” reps for NYX wrote in a press release.

“In the words of Cardi B, ‘That’s suspicious… that’s weird,’” NYX said.

Cardi shared a preview of the commercial on her Instagram account on Saturday. “For Lips Only,” she captioned the clip, adding a kiss-and-wink emoji to her message.

In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, who was on set when the rapper filmed the ad, Cardi said she loved that the idea behind the commercial poked fun at men.

Watch the uncut Cardi B x NYX Cosmetics commercial below.

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