Not much snow this winter, but any drought concern?

We all know there hasn’t been much snow across most of central New York this winter, but are we in jeopardy of settling into a drought due to the lack of snow?

Let’s see…the snowfall deficit in Syracuse is over 50 inches (4+ft.) and counting in early February!

So yes the lack of snow this winter is very significant, but what about rainfall this winter?

In December we only had 4.8″ of snow, but 5.14″ of water, or nearly 2 inches above normal!

January wasn’t as wet, but still much wetter than normal with almost 4 and a quarter inches of precipitation, or 1.62″ above normal, and only about 17 and a half inches of snow!

Yes, February is starting dry with no snow, but towards the middle and end of the month that will certainly change some.

Bottom line, for the winter so far we are over 3 inches wetter than normal despite being so low with snowfall, and are NOT dry or concerned about a drought here in CNY.

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