New NICU tech helping nurses boost care for babies

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — St. Joseph’s Health Hospital just got new monitors in the NICU, and the team says they’re helping nurses be more efficient.

The monitors are from GE HealthCare, called the CARESCAPE Canvas.

NICU nurse Ariana Marshall said they’re helping the nurses take their care to the next level.

Among the new features, they can view the monitor on a split screen and watch two babies at once, use a remote to navigate the monitor while feeding a baby, and hear different alarms from wherever they are on the floor.

“We’re able to provide care to the babies and the families and do it so very effectively and efficiently,” Marshall said.

One of the most significant changes is what’s called a PDM.

“If we’re bringing a baby into a new space or down for an MRI or other imaging, you just pull this tab here, the PDM pulls out, and then we’re able to take the PDM with us,” she said. “It saves all the baby’s data and that way we don’t have to worry about losing track of anything. Before it wasn’t necessarily baby specific and if we traveled with the baby we had to bring a travel monitor and write down all of the baby’s vitals, whereas now everything just gets saved.”

Upstate University Hospital has similar technology in its PICU, that allows staff to monitor patient’s vitals without being in their room.

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