More sun, and eventually even milder too

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The sun continues to shine much of this week! The details are below.

Staying dry and sunny

We are in the midst of a nice, unusually long dry, sunny February stretch of weather through Thursday. As high pressure continues to dominate the region, we can look forward to more sunshine through much of the week! I guess you could say we are making up for the lack of sun we recently endured for nearly 2 weeks!

Spring feel develops too

Yes, tonight, Tuesday night and Wednesday night will all feature a frosty chill, but nothing out of the ordinary, and if anything, it’s going to be a bit milder than average.

Same goes for the highs this week. In addition to the quiet weather and sunshine, temperatures will begin to warm up into the mid 40s by midweek and even approach, if not exceed 50 by Thursday and Friday! Yes, it’ll feel like April around here rather than February for the last half of the week!

May need umbrella by weeks end

The next chance for any precipitation will likely arrive as rain, scattered showers, as we expect a cold front to move in from the west by Friday afternoon. Conditions should turn breezy ahead of the cold front as early as Thursday afternoon/evening.

It turns cooler, but not colder this weekend

It slowly turns cooler this weekend with highs still around 50 Saturday before slipping back into the 40s on Sunday 40s, which remains well above the normal of 33° this weekend!

Winter enthusiasts/snow lovers there is some hope on the horizon…There are strong indications that point towards a more normal mid-winter pattern trying to take shape beyond Superbowl weekend across the East/Northeast. Stay tuned for updates.

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