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Venezuelan brothers Mau y Ricky talk about their new album ‘Hotel Caracas,’ working with a non-Latin producer like Malay and how that was different from making their previous records, how their Venezuelan heritage inspired their new project, their experience going back to Venezuela after many years, tease what fans can expect from the second season of their Disney+ series ‘Los Montaner,’ owning their masters and creating their own record label Why Records in partnership with Warner Records and more!

Leila Cobo
You are not twins. You are not twins, one is younger than the other.

Mau y Ricky
Yes. People can say in the comments who is younger. I’m kidding. Hi, we are Mau and Ricky and this is Billboard News. Spanglish.

Leila Cobo
Mau y Ricky, welcome to Billboard.

Ricky Montaner
We are very happy to be here.

Leila Cobo
This is an exciting time for you. So much change. Let’s talk, first and foremost about ‘Hotel Caracas.’ What is ‘Hotel Caracas?’

Ricky Montaner
‘Hotel Caracas’ is where all your dreams come true. It’s our new album, which we are incredibly proud of. We’ve been working on this album for a year and a half, but I feel we’ve been writing these songs all of our lives.

Leila Cobo

Ricky Montaner
Because I feel it’s like the destiny we have been waiting to get to. I feel it’s like a feeling that everything we’ve experienced in our career until now has formed us to be able to create this project we have in our hands.

Mau Montaner
Yes, it is the most Mau and Ricky thing we’ve done.

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