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Justin Bieber and his Drew House Jerseys In the Spotlight at 2024 NHL All-Star Game

By Matthew Gray

When Justin Bieber heard that the next NHL All-Star Game would be held in his home country for the first time since 2000, he knew that he had to get involved somehow. The London, Canada native had already collaborated with the league in the past, and he really wanted to do so again.

He and his clothing company “Drew House” had worked to create a new-look jersey for his favorite NHL team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, back in 2022. The design features blue stripes on the arms and a darker blue version of the Maple Leafs logo. The jersey can also be reversed to show yellow stripes on the arms and a smaller yellow leaf logo inside the outline of the original.

Courtesy of The Sporting News

After the success of this first jersey with fans across the US and Canada, Bieber and Drew House took another stab at designing specialty jerseys for the NHL. This time, they created the NHL All-Star Jerseys to be worn by all the players competing in the game in Toronto.

The jerseys come in four colors for each of the teams: blue (Team Matthews), yellow (Team Mackinnon), red (Team Hughes) and white (Team McDavid). Each jersey has yellow stars on the sleeves and on the center crest NHL logo. Oddly, the nameplate on the back of each jersey is below the player number, which has never been done before on an NHL jersey.

Courtesy of Tyrell Hampton

Along with designing the jerseys for the event, Bieber participated in the All-Star festivities as the celebrity captain for Team Matthews. He helped draft the players for the team alongside his good friend and Maple Leafs superstar, Auston Matthews. Each of the other three teams also had their own celebrities at the helm, including Canadian singer Tate McRae, Will Arnett and Michael Bublé.

Before the games began, Bieber actually took the ice with his team and fired some shots on net. When the game actually started, though, he was standing on the bench in more of a “coaching” role.

Courtesy of Matthew Gray

His outfit choice was interesting to say the least. Bieber chose to wear a gigantic red polka-dot mohair puffer jacket on game day. It looked similar to the mushrooms found in the Super Mario Brothers games, which fans pointed out may have been poking fun at Bublé.

Bublé had joked a couple nights before the game that the reason he seemed so excited when he first arrived at the event was because he had taken a dose of mushrooms. The media took this statement seriously, though, to which he responded “20 years and people still don’t get my humor. I just keep rolling. Lol” on Instagram.

To put the cherry on top, Bieber’s team also won the All-Star Game. They won their first game 4-3 in a shootout over Team Hughes, and claimed victory in the championship game 7-4 over Team McDavid. Bieber’s buddy Matthews also took home the MVP award as an added bonus.

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