Jam Master Jay Murder Verdict: Jury Finds Two Men Guilty in Run-DMC Star’s 2002 Killing | Billboard News

A federal jury in Brooklyn on Tuesday (Feb. 27) found two New York City men guilty in the 2002 murder of Run-DMC‘s Jam Master Jay, setting the stage for potential decades-long prison sentences.

Tetris Kelly
A jury has found two men guilty of murdering Run DMC’s Jam Master Jay more than 20 years after his death.

Tetris Kelly
Jam Master Jay was murdered in Queens, New York back in 2002 and today after a three week trial Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington had been found guilty of murder. More than 30 witnesses testified and the jury came to the conclusion that the two men killed the rapper after he cut them out of a cocaine deal. Jordan and Washington each face a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison. They will be able to challenge the verdict first to the judge and then to a federal appeals court but such appeals face long odds, attorneys for both defendants and the prosecution did not immediately return requests for comment on the verdict.

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