Fundraiser held for Ukraine on two-year anniversary of Russian invasion in DeWitt

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – From past currencies to rare stamps, it was a vibrant spread of Ukrainian culture being auctioned off at Elevate Fitness in DeWitt.

“The Ukrainian culture to me… it’s resilience. It’s amazing hospitality, and I am very proud to at least remotely be, you know I’m not there for the last 30 years, but remotely be related to this amazing culture. I am very proud,” Dr. Dmitriy Nikolavsky, a reconstructive urologist at SUNY Upstate, said.

Even a new kind of chocolate bar was on the table with sunflower seed and viburnum jelly meant to display Ukrainian resilience in a time of war.

“So here we have two representations of what Ukraine is, and in this song, this viburnum bush is representative of Ukrainian people that should rise up,” Dr. Nikolavsky said.

Dr. Nikolavsky and a group of doctors journeyed to Kyiv in December to operate on soldiers and train military doctors on how to do procedures. While there, he saw the demand for medical supplies and surgical equipment.

“We realized that the hospital would need a lot of support. They will need things that we here take for granted. They will need sutures, specialized instruments that we have, they don’t.”

All of the proceeds from the auction go to the Ukraine 1991 foundation, which supports a new reconstructive urology center in the military hospital in Kyiv.

“Our mission is not finished. Our mission is to make a full functioning center of excellence, at least one, and we will expand.”

A mission looking forward to the future.

“I will have to finish with Slava Ukraini,” Dr. Nikolavsky said, which means glory to Ukraine.

Donations can also be made by HERE.

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