February record highs becoming more common in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Syracuse had a record high temperature on Tuesday.  The high reached 71° at 2:24 pm breaking the old mark of 64° set on this date in 2000.

It also tied for the second warmest February day in recorded history. It was also 71° on February 21st 2017. The warmest February day was February 21st 2018 when we reached 75°.

Record highs in February occurring more frequently

Syracuse also set record highs this month on February 9th and 10th and February 2024 likely will go down as the warmest February on record.

Looking back at the February record book, it is quite striking that there are now 10 daily record highs in February that have been set since 2017 (just the last 8 years!) That is almost a third of all the possible record highs for the months. During the same time there have been no record lows.

There is a chance we could add another record to the list on Wednesday. The record high in Syracuse is 66° set in 1954 and we should come close to that.

Official records have been kept in Syracuse since 1902.

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