DOT crews take advantage of warm weather

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Central New Yorkers could leave their winter gear at home on Thursday, with the spring-like temperatures we saw! Crews with the New York State Department of Transportation took full advantage of the warm weather.

DOT crews are getting an early start, all thanks to Mother Nature!

“This allows us to check this off our list and get to other things once spring comes,” said TeNesha Murphy, I-81 Viaduct Project Community Liaison & Public Information Officer for the New York State Department of Transportation.

One of those projects crews can check off their list, repairing the curb on the West Genesee Street bridge in Fayetteville.

“This is something we typically would do in the springtime or in the summertime, and come and make these curb repairs, but when it’s 57 degrees outside, you get your crew out here and you get it fixed,” said Murphy.

That’s exactly what DOT workers have been doing for the past two days, making repairs to some of the granite pieces on the curb that were loose, and also putting the forms on.

“Now the concrete needs to cure overnight, and they’ll come back out tomorrow and remove the forms and they also are going to make one joint repair to the bridge as well,” said Murphy.

With the three-day project wrapping up on Friday, crews will be able to check it off their spring list, and that’s not the only project keeping them busy.

“This is really snow and ice season and really were geared up for fighting snow and ice but because of the nice weather our dot crews are out picking up litter, they are out removing graffiti, they are out making curb repairs like you see today,” said Murphy.

On Friday, crews will pick up where they left off, before the cold weather returns.

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