Donny Benét Brings The Funk on ‘Infinite Desires’: Stream It Now

The Don is back.

Australian singer, songwriter and ace bass player Donny Benét returns with Infinite Desires, his sixth full-length studio album and first through his independent label Donnyland Records, with distribution through The Orchard.

Benét drops funk bombs all over Infinite Desires, a retro journey that takes the listener back to a time when big hair was fine, muscles ruled Hollywood and you wouldn’t be seen out without shoulder pads.

The seeds of the LP were planted during peak-pandemic times — and the fruits are now ripe for picking. “It’s been a marathon journey getting this new album out and I’m excited to say it’s some of my best work yet,” Benét tells Billboard ahead of release.

From its inception back in 2021, the collection is “undoubtedly influenced by the goings on in the world and my own personal experiences. I really took all the time and care in making sure this album was just right.”

With the health crisis behind us, Benét changed tac for a DIY route.

Benét, who boasts a master’s degree in jazz performance, is now self-managed and releasing his works through Donnyland Records. “I kind of like being so hands on,” he recently told this reporter. And running the label “is just controlling how I release music.”

Based in Sydney, Benét’s inimitable style and sounds have earned him a global cult following; it’s a blend of groovy tunes with ‘80s sophistication, time-machine pastel suits, and a look that’s been described as that of a badass who stepped out of Grand Theft Auto. He’s recently been spotted with U.S. funnyman Eric Andre, and can count The Weeknd among his fans.

Infinite Desires is the followup to Mr Experience (via Dot Dash/ Remote Control Record), which opened at No. 26 on the ARIA Albums Chart in May 2020, and the instrumental Le Piano, winner of best independent jazz album or EP at the 2023 AIR Awards.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, however, the Don’s full-scale touring ambitions were shelved. He’ll make up for lost time with treks taking in the U.K. from (March 7), continental Europe (from March 16, with Stockholm, Sweden-based disco duo Tomode in support), North America (from May 2), and his homeland (from June 7).

Infinite Desires features the previously released funk-infused cuts “Multiply” and “American Dream,” and the ballad “Forbidden Love,” all of which have enjoyed regular rotations on Rage, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s music video program.

“Leaning on my favorite influences, whilst applying a timely spin on the context,” Benét says of the new album, “I feel that I’ve given my listeners more of ‘me’ this time around.”

Stream Infinite Desires below.

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