Counting down to the return of sunshine

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The ever-present cloud cover remained over central New York Friday, our 11th day in a row of no appreciable sun in Syracuse. Are we any closer to brighter days? Details are below…

Getting ready to turn the corner

Unfortunately, central New York has been shrouded in clouds for the last week and a half.

Monday morning, January 22nd, was the last time CNY saw any appreciable sunshine. We’d say we are more than due!

We’ll get luckier this weekend, though, and finally get a little Vitamin D.

Quiet weather is with us for a while!

Drier and cooler air is coming to CNY behind a cold front Friday.

Now that the snow showers from late afternoon Friday have dissipated, we have a long stretch of dry weather on the way that could very well take us through the first week of February!

This air will become dry enough to scour out some of the low-level clouds that have been above CNY for more than a week, and finally result in welcomed sunshine! 

Weekend looks brighter for central New York

The clouds may be a bit stubborn Saturday morning but given what we’ve gone through, we think most will be able to put up with a few more hours of clouds before sun breaks through midday. The clouds take the longest time to break up over the Finger Lakes.

On Sunday we expect more in the way of sunshine, but there is again the chance that we may have to fight through some morning clouds before our skies brighten again.

So even though it is cooler in the 30s this weekend, it’ll be brighter! 😊

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