Central New York family has three generations of identical twin girls

MARIETTA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – If you think you’re seeing double, that’s because you are! Not just one set, or even two, but three sets of identical twin girls all in the same family.

“I think there’s a component in genetics, but it’s also just a miracle that we’ve had this many twins for sure,” Mary said.

It all started 67 years ago with Barb and Sue, the original Byrne twins.

“We feel like… Byrne milk. It’s all in the milk, and we’re very proud of that, that we’re all Byrne girls,” Barb Walton said.

Being Byrne girls, their matching “got twin?” t-shirts are a nod to their family’s history and what they feel could be the reason for all the twins in the family.

“We think it’s in the milk,” Barb explained.

Barb first gave birth to a son and then her daughter, Mary. Next came the twins, Carolyn and Theresa.

Just a few weeks ago the newest additions arrived.

“When we found out Mary was having twins, my sister, Theresa, said it’s time to pass the baton. It’s always the twins, and now these are the twins. It’s really cool,” Carolyn said.

Aria and Ava are the third generation of identical twin girls, but they’re not the only ones joining the twin club.

“And, the best part of that is that Mary gets to be a part of that too,” Theresa said.

“That’s right, Mary’s officially in the twin club!” Sue added.

With this being the third time around, the family knows a thing or two about raising twin girls.

“And the other thing is that comparison can be the biggest distraction, so we know that, and we get to nurture them growing up becoming individuals but also having this person that’s always at their side,” Carolyn said.

It’s a unique bond, one that now stretches across three generations.

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