Bitter-sweet news for chocolate lovers this Valentine’s Day in Syracuse

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — For generations, the Speech family has been crafting unique chocolates and candies in Syracuse.

They’ve got over a century of Valentine’s Day experience and have become a part of many Central New York families’ traditions for the holidays.

Head Chocolatier Michael Speech told NewsChannel 9, “We’ve been around for 104 years so we’ve got a pretty good legacy going and the family tradition piece is really neat to us and I love that we’ve become a tradition in a lot of these people own families so it’s like that extended family thing to us. It’s really cool.”

The shop has been working overnight, putting in extra hours to make sure everyone gets their treats delivered on time and as fresh as can be on Wednesday, Feb. 14. However, the rising cost of cocoa is creating concerns.

Speech shared, “The distribution I work with, most of it comes from South America, some from Africa. There are a lot of different stories we’re hearing from the distribution side, some of it is imported into the country, some of it is that the crops aren’t doing very well some of it is the labor costs have gone up. All of that factors into the chocolate coming into the country that we use.”

The bitter-sweet news is that consumers can expect about a five percent increase from last year’s prices.

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