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Billie Eilish vs TikTok Influencers

By Emma Celenza

Over the weekend, Billie Eilish came under fire for comments made at the People’s Choice Awards. Sitting next to Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue, Eilish was spotted pointing towards TikTok content creators, saying, “There’s some, like, TikTokers over there, which is just… I don’t need it,” and shaking her head. This video has amassed at least 2.7 million views online, and has drawn backlash and praise from people on both sides of this issue. 

Some fans have praised Eilish for her honest comments. On social media, some fans have shared, “She said what everyone was thinking,” or “She’s so real for this.” Meanwhile, during Eilish’s chat with Minogue, Barbie star, America Ferrera, had an awkward encounter during a TikTok influencer’s interview, emphasizing the importance of Eilish’s comment for some fans. Some attribute these issues to a lack of broadcast experience, but others argue that influencers have a disconnect between what does well on the internet versus real-life

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However, some TikTok influencers that were invited did not appreciate Eilish’s comments. Bryce Hall posted a video where he said he once admired Eilish and now has a different view of her after this incident. He also suggested directing her disgust towards the People’s Choice Awards staff who invited them instead of the TikTokers that showed up. Eillish has not responded to these comments. 

Despite some of the hate she has been receiving online, Eilish proudly announced that her next album is mastered, marking a significant milestone towards its release. Mastering is the last step in the production process. Now, the album has to be distributed among platforms before consumers have access to it. While Eilish has acknowledged that this album is a shift from her typical style, she is proud of the progress she has made from the release of her first album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, to her upcoming album. 

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