Billboard Explains: Luísa Sonza’s Global Force On The Charts


Brazilian artists Luísa Sonza knows a thing or two about getting on the Billboard charts. And that’s why she’s this year as Women In Music Global Force honoree. Luísa first got her start in 2014, singing covers on YouTube and first entered the charts in 2020. This is Billboard Explains Luísa Sonza’s global force on the charts. Luísa has seven songs on the global excluding US chart including “Cachorrinhas” which peaked at No. 69 in 2022. “Modo Turbo” with Pablo Vittar, featuring Anitta, that one hit No. 71 in 2021, and Chico, which peaked at No. 78 in 2023. Those three songs also charted on the Billboard Global 200. Outside of the US, Luísa has charted 12 songs on the Billboard Brazil Hot 100 including three top 10s. “Chico” which hit No. 1,”Penhasco2″ with Demi Lovato which hit No. 4 and “Sou Musa do Verão” with Marshmello which hit No. 9. She’s released three studio albums, two EPs and two compilations, has collaborated with Katy Perry on the song “Cry About It Later.” The Brazilian artist is already making an impact around the world and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

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