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Beyoncé Releases a Pair of New Songs and Announces New Album During Super Bowl LVIII

By Matthew Gray

Not only did fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have a reason to celebrate after Super Bowl LVIII, but the “Beehive” did as well.

Beyoncé took to Instagram during the game to announce her new album, Act II, which is set to release on March 29th of this year. The video preview she posted features a group of men in a dusty western desert meeting up and slowly looking up at a billboard. The board has the words “Texas Hold ‘Em” placed next to a smiling and waving Beyoncé laying on her side.

This album will be a continuation of a previous one of hers, Renaissance: Act I. She released a pair of new songs to give fans a preview of what the style will be like. With the names “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em”, both are obviously hinting at a country theme for her latest album. Fans are now connecting this to when she wore a white cowboy hat at the 2024 Grammy Awards earlier in February.

But the announcement didn’t stop on social media.

Beyoncé was featured in a Verizon Super Bowl advertisement, where she was trying to “break” Verizon’s 5G network. She tried things like “Barbey” (a play on Barbie), “Beyonc-AI”, becoming the first woman president of the United States, and even taking her performance to outer space. Nothing was working. She eventually gives up, saying “Okay they ready, drop the new music” as the commercial ends, sending her fans around the world into a frenzy.

This announcement is not much of a surprise to her fans, though, as they know she is an artist who likes to dabble in a variety of different genres. Whether it be in the form of rap, hip hop, or now even country, Beyoncé has always found new ways to show off her musical abilities.

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