Your Stories Q&A: What is the ‘delivery’ charge on my National Grid bill?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Your Stories Team has received a few questions about National Grid bills. The viewers were curious about the delivery charge on their bill and complained how much their being charged.

You’ll notice that your bill is broken down into two categories: supply and delivery.

Supply is the price you pay for natural gas and electricity.

“Our customers pay what we pay for supply on the wholesale market. We don’t markup or profit from the cost of electric or natural gas supply,” said National Grid Strategic Communications Manager, Jared Paventi in an email to the YS Team.

The viewers who wrote the YS Team didn’t understand why their delivery portion was higher than the supply portion of their bill.

It’s important to understand that the “delivery services” charge is more than just paying a flat fee for having gas and electric delivered to your home.

National Grid describes it this way:

Delivery charges are regulated by the New York State Department of Public Service. Every customer pays a minimum charge for service as well as additional charges based on their usage. The delivery portion of your bill reflects the costs of maintaining the networks that carry electricity and natural gas to the homes and businesses of our customers. This includes caring for the 48,000 miles of electric lines, nearly 600 substations and more than 1.2 million poles across our upstate New York service area. It also allows us to provide around-the-clock service during the aftermath of a storm, provide rapid response during other emergencies, and upgrade aging systems to the latest technologies,” said Paventi in an email.

For more help on understanding your bill, National Grid has this bill breakdown on its website.

The New York State Department of Public Service also has helpful resources on its website. You can also read about rate increases in New York that are currently being challenged.

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