Yeti offers limited-time free customization on its coveted goods

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The cool deal is only available until Jan. 25

If you’ve had your eye on viral, coveted products from Yeti, now is the time to finally pull the trigger and order some online — the retailer is offering free customization on certain items until Jan. 25.

The customization deal applies to Yeti’s TikTok-viral Rambler tumblersdog bowls and more, so check out these deals if you want to grab a bestselling product and make it your own.

Shop this article: Yeti Rambler 42-oz Straw Mug with Straw LidYeti Rambler 10-oz Wine Tumbler with Magslider LidYeti Boomer 4 Dog Bowl

How to customize your favorite Yeti products

Customized Yeti products

Yeti products that have customization available have a button between the price and quantity labels near the “Add to Bag” button. It has a rainbow border and says “+Customize.”

Once you pick the product you want, click the “+Customize” button. You’ll be taken to the customization screen where you can choose your design: text, a monogram, a Valentine’s Day design, or even your own custom design that you upload (though it has to meet size requirements, and photos and trademarked or copyrighted images aren’t allowed). 

You can add designs to both the front and back of most items. Customization is free through Jan. 25, with the exception of premium national parks-inspired designs from the Yeti gallery, which cost $10.

Once you’ve chosen your designs, click “Review” to see your final product. Then you can add it to your cart to complete your purchase. Customized items can take up to three weeks to be made and delivered, and sales on them are final.

Get these Yeti bestsellers customized for free

Pink Yeti Rambler 42 OZ STRAW MUG on pink background

Yeti Rambler 42-oz Straw Mug with Straw Lid

This large-capacity mug rivals the Stanley Quencher with its ability to keep you hydrated all day. It features an easy-carry handle and a narrow base, so it fits easily into most cup holders.

Purple Yeti Rambler 18 OZ HOTSHOT BOTTLE on purple background

Yeti Rambler 18-oz Hotshot Bottle

The Hotshot bottle is perfect for hot drinks — plus, it’s leakproof, dishwasher-safe, and features a 360-degree lid so you can drink from any side.

Green Yeti Rambler 8 OZ STACKABLE CUP on gray background

Yeti Rambler 8-oz Stackable Cup

These stackable cups are great for travel or camping since they’re compact and easy to pack away. And with their small size, they even fit under most espresso machines.

Blue Yeti Rambler 20 OZ TUMBLER on blue/gray background

Yeti Rambler 20-oz Tumbler with Magslider Lid

Looking for a go-to mid-sized tumbler? This is it. It’s cupholder compatible, splash-resistant, dishwasher-safe and will hold your drinks at temperature for hours. What more do you need?

White Yeti Rambler 10 OZ WINE TUMBLER on light gray background

Yeti Rambler 10-oz Wine Tumbler with Magslider Lid

Sip in style wherever you go with this splash- and spill-resistant wine tumbler that — unlike glass — won’t break if you drop or pack it.

Red Yeti Rambler 20 OZ TRAVEL MUG on gradient red background

Yeti Rambler 20-oz Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid

Similar to the 20-ounce tumbler, this travel mug is leak-resistant and dishwasher-safe. But it also features a handle for easier carrying.

Pink Yeti Rambler 10 OZ STACKABLE MUG on pink background

Yeti Rambler 10-oz Stackable Mug with Magslider Lid

Looking for a compact, stackable mug you can take anywhere? This 10-ounce version is durable and ready for your next adventure.

Purple Yeti BOOMER 4 Dog Bowl on light gray background

Yeti Boomer 4 Dog Bowl

You aren’t able to just get your favorite Yeti items for you — you can get your best friend something to match. This dog bowl is made for adventure, and you can even customize it with your pup’s name.

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