Winter weather buffet set to headline Sunday’s Bills game

It wouldn’t be January football in Orchard Park without some combination of cold, wind & snow, right? A powerful storm system is slated to work through WNY late Friday and into the weekend. By Sunday, colder air is expected to be firmly in place on the backside of the storm, alongside relatively warm Lake Erie waters.

The end result will be a Sunday forecast that will almost certainly have a very wintry vibe in Orchard Park. First things first, it’s still only Wednesday. At this stage, there are elements we have high confidence will occur and elements that remain wildcards. It’s going to be cold & windy. I don’t think there’s a pathway around that. Are we talking record-setting, historic cold? No, but wind gusts around 40 mph will drop wind chills into the single digits. So definitely cold.

I’m quite interested in the lake effect situation Sunday. While we are still far too early to pinpoint the exact location of a narrow band of lake effect snow, we’re confident it will exist…somewhere. In a WSW flow, this band will extend a good distance eastward from Lake Erie but will be relatively thin north-to-south (as is often the case). That means a few miles of displacement can mean the difference from a bone dry game to a winter wonderland.

There will be plenty of meteorologists & fans alike eagerly awaiting model updates in the days ahead.

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