WEP giving Onondaga County residents chance to inquire about sewer bill charges

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you live in Onondaga County and opened your mailbox to find an eye-popping sewer tax charge on your real property tax bill, you aren’t alone.

NewsChannel 9 has learned that 700 people received overinflated bills.

“When we sent out the tax bills, we had some private and residential properties that are supposed to be flat rate that got billed a different mechanism,” said Shannon Harty, the commissioner of the Onondaga County Department of Water Environment Protection.

One homeowner was told they owed close to $30,000 versus the standard charge of around $445.

The culprit? A computer glitch.

“Glitches, different things happen anytime you update a computer program. Things get messed up,” Harty said. “I think considering the volume of bills that our real property division puts out, we’ve got a pretty impressive track record.

The county’s Department of Water Environment Protection has a form on its website if you have questions or concerns about your sewer charge.

“The first thing someone is going to do is look to see is that property a single-family, the tax classification of that,” Harty said. “That will tell us what mechanism of that assessment that property should be directed too.”

Time is running out if you need to take action.

All inquiries are due by January 31.

Click here for a link to the assessment inquiry form.

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