Warmth, lack of snow highlight January 2024

SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Syracuse is about to finish the month of January and its numbers pick up on trends that started with the month of December.

Another warm winter month, for the most part

January 2024 in Syracuse will go into the record books with an average temperature of just over 29 and a half degrees (29.6 F to be exact) which is 5.5 degrees above normal. It makes this past January the 19th warmest first month of the year in Syracuse. This follows December 2023 which was about 8 degrees above normal.

There were no record temperatures broken and the warmest day of the month was January 26th when it was 47 degrees. However, visits of true mid-winter air were rare and confined mainly to a week in the middle of the month.

The mild nights in January drove the overall warmth. In a month where the average low temperature is in the mid-teens, January 2024 featured only 8 days where the low was in the teens or lower.  On ten days during the month Syracuse failed to drop below freezing!

Snow drought continued

Our snowfall for January 2024 was below normal with just 17.6” falling.  More than half of that total (10.2”) fell the weekend of January 6 and 7th and that snow quickly melted.

Normal snowfall for January is 34.0” in Syracuse.

We enter February with the second lowest seasonal snowfall total through this point in the season since records started at the airport in 1949. We stand at 27.9” of snow or almost four feet below normal!

Snow was lacking in January but rain wasn’t

There may have been a lack of snow in January, but we made up for it in the form of rain.

The combination of rain and melted snow during the month came out to 4.20” which is more than an inch and a half above normal and made it the 13th wettest on record.

The wettest day was January 26th (also our warmest) when 1.08” of rain fell making it the wettest January 26th on record.

Where is the sun?

While January is certainly not know for its abundant sunshine in central New York, January 2024 certainly fell short of what is typically a low bar.

30 out of the 31 days of the month were classified as ‘cloudy’ days with only January 15th ranking as a ‘partly cloudy day.

From mid afternoon January 22nd through midnight January 31st, every single hourly observation from the Syracuse airport was cloudy, a streak of 226 consecutive hours of cloudy weather to finish out the month!

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