Want your car to be featured in an upcoming film in Syracuse?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — American High is producing a new movie in the Syracuse area and is looking for several specific vehicles to use as picture vehicles in an upcoming film, according to AND Casting.

The upcoming film will need to rent your car for a short period during February and March.

AND Casting says that they are looking for period cars between the years 1985 and 1997. No cars after 1997 as that’s the year the film is set in.

Currently, AND Casting is trying to get a sense of what cars are available now and when it gets closer to filming, roles for background extras will be emailed out as well.

“If you have a car from the time frame in working condition that you can drive to set (in Syracuse) fill in the details below. You may not hear anything until February, but we will be needing cars,” stated AND Casting. 

As more details about this film become available and as the filming gets closer, you will get more emails with updates.

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