U-Haul shares propane safety tips for the winter

(WSYR-TV) — When there’s an increase in snowfall, the demand for propane rises and there becomes a greater difficulty reaching propane locations.

To avoid this in the wintertime, U-Haul is encouraging its customers to replenish their propane supply for heating and cooking purposes before harsh winter storms and be prepared.

According to U-Haul, propane sales typically spike in late December and January as families and businesses put their patio heaters and fire pits to use. For those who need to get propane, a clean-burning fuel, U-Haul sells tanks at more than 1,200 locations across the U.S. and Canada.

To keep propane tanks in optimal condition this winter, U-Haul recommends following these top five tips:

  1. Keep propane tanks off the ground to prevent rust
  2. Cover your grill to protect it from the elements
  3. Store tanks in ventilated areas; do NOT store in sheds, garages or homes
  4. Propane heaters should ONLY be used for patios, outdoor job sites and large ventilated workshops
  5. Avoid refill trips during winter storms by filling tanks now

“Safety is our top priority,” said Scott Johnson, U-Haul Propane Manager. “Providing safe and convenient propane locations to our customers is important. We’re thrilled to continue expanding our propane offerings, bringing more and more customers the affordable propane they need.”

Those who need to purchase propane tanks and portable propane heaters can go to their local U-Haul or visit U-Haul’s website. Each Propane tank has a 12-year initial certification lifespan.

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