Two first responders head back to work after recovering from Kodak Center crash

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two first responders are going back to work after they recovered from the explosion and car crash at the Kodak Center.

In a social media post, paramedic Davin Eshelman and Julie Purick were seen near a UR critical care transport unit — posing with the caption “We back in business.”

On January 1, both Eshelman and Purick were the first to respond to the Kodak Center for the crash. According to police, suspect Michael Avery bought gas canisters days before the crash and loaded them into a car he rented. On the day of the incident, investigators said he sped toward pedestrians and then crashed into a vehicle — killing himself and two passengers in the other vehicle.

Purick, an AMR Critical Care Paramedic, was rescuing patients with her partner, union representative Davin Eshelman. According to Roc City EMS, the two suffered from smoke and gas inhalation, which required them to be hospitalized with respiratory injuries.

Eshelman was released from the hospital first, but Purick was taken off her ventilator and was discharged from the hospital recently.

Both Purick and Eshelman were among the many first responders who were praised for their efforts to help in the aftermath of the deadly crash. The pair were acknowledged as some of the best on the job.

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