Triple Threat of illnesses continues to rise in Central New York

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We’re passed the holiday season now, but colds, germs and illnesses are still lurking as we trek through the rest of winter.

The CDC estimates there have been more than seven million illnesses, 73,000 hospitalizations and some 4,500 deaths across the country related to the Flu. And there are numerous indicators are high and rising.

Doctor Stephen Thomas, the director of Upstate Global Health says since Thanksgiving, the triple threat (COVID, RSV and Influenza) is rising.

“Influenza has really taken off. COVID has really taken off. RSV has continued to climb although it might be at a peak right now,” Dr. Thomas said. “The trends are not good nationally and they are not good at the state level. Here in Central New York, we are following those same bad trends.”

Dr. Thomas says one in five people have received an updated COVID-19 vaccine or RSV vaccine and two in five people have received this year’s flu vaccine.

He recommends not only getting vaccinated but also washing your hands and wearing a mask if you’ll be in a crowded public place.

On a positive note, Dr. Thomas says the mortality rate from COVID has been declining over the past month.

Covid Tracker: CDC COVID Data Tracker

Influenza Tracker: Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report | CDC

RSV Tracker: RSV Surveillance Data – NREVSS | CDC

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