Traveling to the Bahamas? The U.S. State Dept. has a warning for you

CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you are making your winter or spring break plans, the U.S. government has a warning for you. They are telling everyone who travels outside the U.S. to use increased caution because of rising tension happening around the world, with one area of concern now being the Bahamas.

Many people will be heading to the airport in February to catch a flight somewhere warmer than Central New York. One of those popular destinations is the Bahamas.

“Very popular to go to the Bahamas, it’s a short flight. A lot of people really like that. So yes, a very popular destination, both for cruisers as well as all-inclusive,” said DeAnna Taylor, Senior Travel Advisor, AAA Western and Central New York in Camillus.

But traveling to the Bahamas right now may not be the best idea.

On Friday, the U.S. State Department issued a warning for American travelers, urging them to “exercise increased caution.” This comes, after the U.S. Embassy in Nassau, Bahamas warned travelers last Wednesday to be aware of the 18 murders that happened in the country’s capital since the beginning of 2024. The murders happen at all hours of the day. Taylor says since the warning was issued, they’ve received calls from concerned travelers, asking if it’s safe to go there.

Taylor says a travel warning for the Bahamas is a bit unusual, but says almost any destination can be unsafe.

“If you go wandering off into unknown parts by yourself in particular. It can be a danger no matter what island you are on,” said Taylor.

Taylor is now advising travelers who already have a trip booked to the Bahamas, to never leave the resort alone, use increased caution as advised, and more. Taylor encourages travelers to keep tabs on the government website and a website called, STEP, ahead of their departure.

“It’s a safe traveler enrollment program and they can go and enroll in there and it lets the U.S. know when they’ll be traveling abroad and they can get updates about that destination,” said Taylor.

If you are thinking about booking a trip to the Bahamas in the near future, Taylor strongly recommends getting travel insurance.

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