The first female president? Only time will tell

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EXETER, N.H. (NEXSTAR) – With all eyes on New Hampshire, some voters made it known why they are choosing one candidate over another.

People are making their way to the polls to decide between former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

Some voters, like Alfred Slanetz, are expressing why they are choosing Haley instead of Trump.

“Oh, I think she’s an amazing leader. After seeing her why would anybody ever want to vote for anybody else? She’s the future,” Slanetz said.

Haley has been resonating with some New Hampshire residents since she could potentially be the first female President of the United States. Some, like 10-year-old Hannah Kesselring, are even too young to vote themselves.

“She’s such an inspiration because I think there’s only been Democrat girls running for President,” Kesselring explained. “So having a Republican President, a Republican girl running for President, is like an inspiration because, like, we line up on so many things.”

Hannah’s mom Kim is taking inspiration from her daughter.  “Hannah’s now in the fifth grade and we’re looking at somebody that’s a woman president running, that’s running for president. That’s pretty cool. That’s really cool that she can look up to that,” Kesselring said.

Nikki Haley didn’t just receive support from potential voters at an event on Sunday in Exeter, but also from a very special guest.  Everyone’s favorite TV Judge, Judge Judy, endorsed Nikki Haley, calling her, “poised, graceful, knowledgeable, centered, and intelligent.”

These words meant a lot to New Hampshire residents like Tiffany James.  “It’s great to see women supporting each other, and two powerful women at that,” James commented. “So, I think that Judge Judy has a powerful voice that resonates and that will help get people to the polls for Haley.”

Blythe Reis is a senior at Syracuse University studying Broadcast Journalism and Political Science and has reported for WAER.

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