The cars with the highest dealer markups in each state

(iSeeCars) – Although the new car supply chain is steadily improving, new cars continue to be priced well above MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). A new iSeeCars study found that the average new car price is 8.5 percent over MSRP, and some vehicles are priced well above this average. 

Here are the new cars that are priced the highest above MSRP in each state.

The New Car Priced the Highest Over MSRP in Each State- iSeeCars
State Vehicle % Above MSRP $ Above MSRP
Alabama Porsche Cayenne 30.5% $25,580
Alaska Jeep Wrangler 31.7% $12,597
Arizona Porsche Taycan 25.5% $27,292
Arkansas Ford Maverick 20.0% $5,652
California Mini Hardtop 2 Door 24.0% $7,333
Colorado Mini Hardtop 2 Door 28.7% $8,678
Connecticut Mini Hardtop 2 Door 26.1% $7,771
Delaware Mercedes-Benz GLB 23.3% $9,751
Florida Porsche 718 Boxster 26.1% $22,220
Georgia Mini Hardtop 2 Door 28.9% $8,382
Hawaii Ford Mustang 34.3% $12,437
Idaho Ford Maverick 20.2% $5,188
Illinois Mini Hardtop 2 Door 26.2% $7,961
Indiana Porsche Macan 25.2% $16,431
Iowa Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 23.8% $6,688
Kansas Lincoln Aviator 24.0% $14,667
Kentucky Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 21.3% $5,972
Louisiana Porsche Taycan 30.0% $30,102
Maine Jeep Wrangler 23.9% $9,655
Maryland Mini Hardtop 2 Door 26.6% $8,065
Massachusetts Porsche Taycan 34.4% $32,595
Michigan Mini Hardtop 2 Door 26.9% $8,096
Minnesota Cadillac CT5 24.3% $10,770
Mississippi Chevrolet Camaro 25.8% $9,456
Missouri Mini Hardtop 2 Door 30.0% $8,813
Montana Ford Maverick 19.7% $5,714
Nebraska Chevrolet Camaro 25.8% $9,877
Nevada Aston Martin DBX 28.6% $55,935
New Hampshire Mini Hardtop 2 Door 29.4% $8,432
New Jersey Mini Hardtop 4 Door 24.4% $7,225
New Mexico Porsche Cayenne 27.7% $22,821
New York Porsche 718 Boxster 24.3% $21,420
North Carolina Mini Hardtop 2 Door 29.0% $8,761
North Dakota Ford Maverick 23.8% $6,077
Ohio Mini Hardtop 4 Door 26.1% $7,723
Oklahoma Porsche Cayenne 30.6% $25,502
Oregon Mini Hardtop 2 Door 30.7% $8,927
Pennsylvania Porsche Taycan 28.4% $28,598
Rhode Island Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid 23.3% $6,529
South Carolina Porsche Macan 28.6% $17,689
South Dakota Jeep Wrangler 19.1% $8,607
Tennessee Porsche Taycan 28.6% $27,256
Texas Porsche Taycan 28.1% $31,755
Utah Porsche Macan 25.6% $17,134
Vermont Ford Mustang 22.0% $8,591
Virginia Mini Hardtop 2 Door 27.0% $8,075
Washington Mini Hardtop 2 Door 29.1% $8,365
West Virginia Ford Bronco 21.8% $9,978
Wisconsin Mini Hardtop 2 Door 26.3% $8,084
Wyoming Jeep Gladiator 17.4% $8,190
  • The Mini Hardtop 2 Door is the vehicle with the highest dealer markup in the most states with 14. 
  • The vehicle with the highest markup across all states is the Porsche Taycan, which is priced 34.4 percent above MSRP in Massachusetts.
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles each account for six vehicles on the list.

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

New car buyers can expect to pay higher-than-average prices for vehicles that are in high demand. The best way to avoid paying over sticker price is to broaden your search radius and consider similar vehicles that may not be as overpriced. Additionally, consumers in some cases can avoid markups by ordering directly from the manufacturer.

More from iSeeCars:

Methodology analyzed over 1.4 million new car sales from December 2023. The average list prices of new cars, as well as the average of their MSRPs were aggregated by model. Heavy-duty vehicles and low-volume models were excluded from further analysis. The differences between average prices and average MSRP were expressed as percentage differences. 

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