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Jamaican dancehall artist Teejay talks about the success he’s found on TikTok with his song “Drift,” working with Davido and French Montana on the “Drift” remix, the influence of Afrobeats, the difference between reggae and dancehall music, the future of dancehall and more!

When people talk about dancehall artists, you don’t have to just say, um, I know Sean Paul or know Shaggy or you can say alright, I know Teejay.

Yeah, grew up in Montego Bay, I grew up with my mother, my uncle and my five, my four brothers and one sister. So I was basically the breadwinner in the family growing up I was the one who basically left school at seventh grade just to continue music so I can help the family out. All my brothers is artists. So they have the studio so they would have like FruityLoops, Sonar, Acid Pro I’d watch them learning how to use of all of the user Pro Tools. I start recording myself at the age of nine that’s how determined I was at the time. When I’m not in Jamaica, I stay in Miami more, most of the time just to free the mind, you know as to all the vibes and free the mind, that’s some advice from my song from the past two years, so try to market myself for the younger generation for even my son, my daughter. Yeah, I’m young but most of time age have nothing to do with it because you know.

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